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Welcome to Mythic Detroit!

If you say the name "Detroit" to most people, they have very little idea there's more to the city than cars, Motown, houses that burst into flames on October 30, and (thanks to Mr. Marshall Mathers) the presence of a road named 8 Mile.

As you might expect, Mythic Detroit is intended to help rectify this situation. The goal is to document the odd, the whimsical, the "What the Hell?" factor of Detroit. Every city has it, and Detroit, a major metropolis during the first half of the 20th century, has at least its fair share. The mythology and legends of Detroit are less well-known than those of New York or London, but they exist nonetheless.

As Detroit continues its ongoing struggle of rebirth, these stories of its history are important because they capture the life and power which for now hides within it, and they remind people of what is possible. Detroit once stood astride the horizon like a mountain at the center of the world, a place from which new technology and vital pop culture sprang forth, and for a while even the fate of the free world depended upon it. Detroit is a sleeping giant, and Mythic Detroit is here to shout in its ear :

"Wake up, damn it, we need you!"


June 13, 2016: I'm not dead! Long story short, I've been a dad for the last two years, and haven't had time to spend on the site for quite a while. That said, I've had a variety of pieces of info come my way, and hope to get stuff posted by the end of the year.

July 19, 2014: Check out the Stargate Hypothesis!

July 15, 2012: Well, after adding a variety of content last summer, falling off the path in the fall, losing a thumbdrive of research material to PC repair misadventure this spring, and finally getting truly sick of bot account requests and spam, I've recently switched the site over to PmWiki (for ease of extension, among other things), and have gotten back to posting material slowly but surely.

April 3, 2011: The site is fully wikified, and I've slowly started tossing various stub pages up based on my previous waves of undigested research. Sign up for an account and join the fun!

January 7, 2011: The wikification of Mythic Detroit is well underway, with all major functionality (including the spiffy front page) up and running. Next step is conversion of the articles.