How To Help

If you want to join our happy band of Mythmakers, sign up for an account, and once you're set up take a whack at any of the stuff below:

  • Go take a look at the list of Online Sources and see if there's anything we should add a page about.
  • Check out the stub pages and work on fleshing one of them out.
  • Find an article you like and do some further research to add to the supply of gobsmackage. Unlike Wikipedia, we're happy to host archival documents, original research, whatever you can toss on the pile.
  • Taking inspiration from one of the stories on this site, create some art, a short story, a media sensation, or what have you, and then add it to the site, or post it online and add a link to it under the Sources section of the appropriate page.
  • If you're really feeling enterprising, go out and find something nobody's heard of for 20, 50, or 100 years and add a new page. There are huge holes in the timeline, particularly African American history in the city, secrets of the post-riot era, and anything that happened before the French got here.